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Resolving Homeowners Associations’ Legal Issues

Sharing living space with neighbors is often a trying experience. We not only help resolve disputes, but we also work to structure HOA documents so that disputes are less frequent and everyone can spend more time enjoying their home and less time mending fences.

Our attorneys at Simkin & Associates, Inc. have experience with a broad range of HOA topics and we can help with a full spectrum of HOA matters, from initial organization to disputes involving all parties.

Assistance With A Variety Of HOA Matters

Our services for HOAs, homeowners and contractors include:

  • Drafting and revision of association agreements
  • Guidance on code compliance
  • Assistance with HOA board issues such as home alteration
  • Design review, problems with owners and record access disputes
  • Common area dispute advice
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Mold Issues advice

We also work with many contractors involved in disputes with HOAs regarding alleged construction defects, payments, code compliance and many other issues.

Contact Us

If you are a member of an HOA, call to discuss our unlimited phone advice and document review service plans. Our Los Angeles office can be reached via phone at 310-788-9089 or online through our contact form.