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Resolving Contract Breaches That Affect Your Business

Commercial Breach of Contract

Commercial breach of contract cases can be complex and require quick action to protect your rights. When a company breaches an agreement, it can cause ripples throughout your business that manifest in damages from loss of business or revenue, harm to your reputation and more.

Experience In A Broad Range Of Commercial Disputes

At Simkin & Associates, Inc., our attorneys help protect the businesses of Orange County through skilled representation in commercial litigation. They can assist you in addressing breaches in a wide array of commercial agreements, including:

  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Commercial production agreements
  • Commercial rental agreements or lease agreements

It is vital that you contact us immediately if you feel that you are a victim of a breach of a commercial contract or that the other party is likely to breach.

There may be contractual cure periods, remedies and other stipulations that you may be required to perform in order to mitigate your damages under contract law or the terms of the specific contract.

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