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Last updated on September 23, 2022

Our Los Angeles construction lawyers represent the commercial and legal interests of Southern California builders, developers and subcontractors. At Simkin & Associates, Inc., we handle a wide range of construction law transactions and disputes. If you have legal questions regarding real estate development or are embroiled in a construction dispute, contact us today.

Comprehensive Understanding Of Construction Problems

Our expert construction law attorneys provide cost-effective legal services for general contractors and other construction industry clients who do not have the resources to employ full-time in-house counsel. They develop long-term relationships with our clients, offering well-grounded legal advice as their companies expand and take on larger projects. Our clients include residential and commercial real estate developers, homeowners associations, general contractors, suppliers, investors and property owners.

Attorney Michael Simkin has worked exclusively in real estate, construction and business law since 1989. He leads a legal team that provides knowledgeable handling of construction litigation and development transactions, including:

  • Breaches of contract: Disputes between builders, developers, property owners, subcontractors and suppliers
  • Mechanic’s liens: Obtainment of and collection on county mechanic’s liens
  • Construction defect claims: Disputes involving mold, water intrusion and design flaws
  • Collection matters
  • Subdivision tract map requests
  • Benefit-to-cost ratios
  • Condominium unit sale agreements (white slips)

Armed with their unique blend of legal competencies, our attorneys can help businesses and individuals navigate the complex areas of property development with ease.

Set The Framework For Success Today

If you need effective handling of a construction transaction or dispute, contact us in Los Angeles today for an initial consultation: 310-788-9089.