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Representation For Commercial Real Estate Disputes

Our commercial real estate attorneys at Simkin & Associates, Inc., commonly represent or litigate on behalf of property owners, real estate developers, secured lenders, landlords, tenants and others such as borrowers or bondholders.

Whether a claim arises from purchase or sale agreements, from options to buy, from post-closing adjustments to specific performance and escrow issues, from rescission or claims of fraud, or from breach of contract; our commercial real estate litigation attorneys will advise you on the best course of action whether in negotiation of settlement terms, commercial contract dispute resolution or arbitration, or in prosecuting a case in the courts.

We have experience in the financial aspects of commercial real estate from secured loans to foreclosure proceedings, enforcement of guarantees, disbursement claims, escrow matters, and claims of bad faith or issues pertaining to lender liability.

Experience With Complex Financial Transactions

Our commercial litigation team has a strong track record of representation in commercial agreements involving multiple loan participants, co-ownership situations and occasions where multiple creditors or bondholders are involved.

We have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in commercial financial issues arising from secured loans, receivership, enforcement guarantees, public financing, private-public partnerships relating to low-income housing, government-supported projects and more.

On the business side, we are very adept in management and operating contracts involving apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels, resort properties, malls, strip malls and shopping centers, business parks and high-rises, storage facilities, commercial warehouses, commercial docks and shipping centers, public property leases, temporary leases, government housing and commercial leases, government-supported or financed properties and projects, as well as reclassification of private to commercial property and subsequent sale, leasing or construction.

This includes a deep knowledge of the varied business structures such as limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships and other entities and the common issues and disputes arriving thereof, including shareholder equity disputes, participation rights and duties, corporate dissolution matters, liquidation and instances of a partner or shareholder being “squeezed out,” as well as fraud, conversion and other matters.

Decades Of Experience Resolving Real Estate Problems

Our commercial real estate contract and financial expertise also cover such elements as title matters relating to bona fide encumbrancer or purchaser, liens and lien holders, including mechanics and contractors, easement rights and more.

We also advise on cases involving eminent domain disputes with a special focus on litigation surrounding right to take, urban redevelopment, relocation, restitution, fair market value and historical properties, and we have extensive knowledge and a history of success in matters dealing with federal, state and local governments, codes and statutes.

Litigation is a last resort as a strong effort for pursuing settlement. Our commercial real estate attorneys are adept negotiators of settlements. They know applicable statutes and case law, thus allowing us to ascertain areas of breach to support a valid claim, and how to leverage such to inspire potential defendants to settle to the satisfaction of our clients, thus forgoing the immense time and expense inherent in defending a claim in the courts.

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