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Facilitating Immigration From Canada To The United States

Our practice is unique in that we emphasize assisting Canadians moving to or working in the U.S. We understand the common motivations behind immigrating to the United States, and we know the common roadblocks that immigrants encounter when immigrating for family or work. No matter the reason, we ease the chaos and complexity of immigration matters.

Experienced Guidance In Obtaining Visas And Establishing Citizenship

Canadians have special laws to help them and are often unfairly scrutinized by the INS. We will make your visa process smooth and efficient. We provide assistance for a broad range of visas, including:

  • Family visas for fiancés, spouses and children
  • Temporary or permanent work visas
  • B-1 and B-2 visitor visas
  • Student visas, including non-academic or vocational students

If you are seeking to establish yourself permanently in the United States as a citizen, we can provide you with the precise and proper guidance you need to file your paperwork correctly and swiftly.

Contact Us With Your Immigration Questions

If you’re looking to relocate from Canada to the United States and are a current Canadian citizen, then please feel free to contact Mr. Simkin at Simkin & Associates, Inc. Call our Los Angeles office at 310-788-9089 or send an email to schedule your initial consult.