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$1,200 per hour attorney fee is reasonable per L.A. County Judge Fahey!

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2020 | Civil Procedure |

Trial courts have great discretion as to determining what is a reasonable attorney fee.  Some judges look at what is a “market rate” and for high end clients they will pay $1,200 per hour.  In an unpublished opinion, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Fahey awarded attorney’s fees in favor of Latham Watkins, Gibson Dunn and Munger Tolles in excess of $1,200 per hour.

Judge Fahey in a case involving an professional and former Olympic beach volleyball player, Alan Jay Weil of Kendall Brill & Kelly, was awarded $850 which was his discounted rate in 2018 , discounted from his standard rate of $950; $360-$395 for the associate, discounted from $490; and $290 for the paralegals, discounted from $300.