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No Place For Bullying In Southern California Schools

At Simkin & Associates, Inc., our attorneys will litigate in state and federal courts as well as before appropriate administrative boards for injunctive relief and for claims of damages to your children caused by other students or school personnel.

The law provides in part that a minor’s “willful misconduct” causing injury or death to another, or damage to the property of another, “shall be imputed to the parent or guardian having custody and control of the minor” for civil liability purposes. (Civil Code §1714.1, et seq. as well as under the Education Code § 48904(a)) The law also provides for damages for mental distress caused by bullying.

We seek to protect children who are victims and are familiar with the LAUSD Anti-bullying Policy, as well as children’s rights under Article 1, Section 28(c) of the California State Constitution and the relevant portions of the California Education Code 32270, et seq.

Your Action Today Can Save Another Child Tomorrow

Bullying at any age should be taken seriously. If your child has been the victim of bullying that has been perpetrated or neglected by the school system, call Simkin & Associates in Los Angeles today: 310-788-9089. You can also reach out to our office via email.