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Experienced Representation With Real Estate Negotiations

Many seek our advice and assistance in negotiating real estate contracts for purchase or commercial lease agreements; finding it behooving to have legal counsel on their side as commercial builders and property owners quite often have such legal representation advising and representing them.

Establishing fair and resolute terms in a commercial real estate or leasing agreement prior to its execution can save both parties time and expense down the line by minimizing the potential of a contract dispute.

Our commercial real estate contract attorneys at Simkin & Associates have substantial experience in the laws concerning commercial property, construction and relevant building and health codes, and of course the terms and binding language required in such commercial agreements to sufficiently bind the parties and protect the rights of our clients.

These can include pre-contract evaluations of the property, the seller and the client’s credit and financials; the clear establishment of the parties’ duties and the terms; and the establishment of strong financial deterrents to breach.

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