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Simkin’s Published Real Property Journal Article on the New Statewide Rent Control Civil Code §§1946.2, 1947.12

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | 2020 New Laws, Landlord Tenant, Real Estate |

California’s new statewide residential rent and eviction control laws change almost 150 years of legal precedent.  The new rent control rules are contained in Civil Code section 1946.2 concerning termination of tenancies which now require “just cause” and Civil Code section 1947.12 concerning limitations on rent increases. Landlords must also be cognizant of additional new laws including, but not limited to, changing the content of leases, counting business days, not calendar days, for expiration of notices to pay or to perform or quit, and not inadvertently creating a rent-controlled property out of a rent-control exempt property.  One of the best attorney’s I know wrote an article on these laws.  Check it out: Simkin 2021 Rent Control Article CLA