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ADU’s Build Them While You Can SB 13 — Government Code §65852.2

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2020 | 2020 New Laws, Construction, Real Estate |

The legislature has passed several bills promoting additional housing loosening up restrictions on building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s). Until 2025, new for January 2020, Senate Bill 13 adds Government Code §65852.2, and removes Health and Safety Code 17980.12 restrictions as to land use. The new law now allows ADU’s up to 1,200 sq. feet to be built where previously prohibited for both single-family or multifamily dwellings. You can add junior units and effectively create a triplex out of a single-family house! They can be attached to, or located within, an attached garage, storage area, or other structure. Maybe even in a large storage room!
The setback requirements are loosened for an existing garage conversion to only require five feet from the side and rear lot lines for an ADU constructed above a garage.
While a parking space must be provided, you do not need to replace parking spaces if a garage, carport, or covered parking is demolished to construct an ADU. There cannot be additional parking restrictions if the ADU is located within one-half mile walking distance of public transit.